Czerwona lista porostów zagrożonych na Śląsku Opolskim i Górnym Śląsku [Red List of threatened lichens in Opole Silesia and Upper Silesia]

Józef Kiszka, Grzegorz Leśniański


The thirth regional list of threatened and allied fungi is presented. The list is a result of investigation studies in Opole Silesia and Upper Silesia in S Poland. The status of threat to the lichen and allied fungi species used has been determined according to the IUCN Red List Categories in version 3. l (2001). The data obtained were compared with historical ones. While assigning given lichen species to suitable categories of threat the geographic criterium of their occurrence ranges was accepted because most source data from the study area concerns the distribution and frequency of species. The Red List includes 536 taxa of lichens, lichenicolous and saprobic fungi, which constitute 72.9% of the local biota and 33.5% of Polish biota. The status of threatened biota has the following catego¬ries: Regionally Extinct (RE) - 80 taxa, Critically Endangered (CR) - 61, Endangered (EN) - 95, Vulnerable (VU) - 90, Near Threatened (NT) - 71, Least Concern (LC) - 22 and Data Deficient (DD) -117. The lichen biota of this region of Poland has been most human impacted.


lichens; lichenicolous and saprobic fungi; red list; IUCN Red List Categories in version 3.1; Opole Silesia and Upper Silesia; S Poland

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