Czerwona lista porostów zagrożonych w Puszczy Kozienickiej [Red List of threatened lichens in the Kozienicka Old-growth Forest]

Stanisław Cieśliński


The first regional list of threatened lichens and allied fungi is presented. The list is a result of investigation studies in the Kozienicka Old-growth Forest, in forests located between the Vistula and Radomka Rivers, in Central Poland. The status of threat to the lichen and allied fungi species listed has been determined according to the Red List Categories by IUCN (2001, version 3.1). The data obtained were compared with historical ones. Changes of the species main frequency were used as an additional indicator of their threat status. The Red List includes 144 taxa of lichens, lichenicolous and saprobic fungi, which constitute 61.8% of the local biota and 9% of Polish biota. The status of threatened biota has the following categories: Regionally Extinct (RE) - 13 taxa, Critically Endangered (CR) - 26, Endangered (EN) - 31, Vulnerable (VU) - 23, NearThreatened (NT) -17, Least Concern (LC) -14 and Data Deficient (DD)-20. Epiphytic lichens of forest and roadside trees as well as forest epixylic arę the most threatened ones.


lichens; lichenicolous and saprobic fungi; red list; IUCN Red List Categories in version 3.1; the Kozienicka Old-growth Forest; Central Poland

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