Czerwona lista porostów wymarłych i zagrożonych w Polsce [Red List of extinct and threatened lichens in Poland]

Stanisław Cieśliński, Krystyna Czyżewska, Jerzy Fabiszewski


The authors present a list of regionally extinct, threatened, lower risk and insufficiently status taxa of lichens in whole Poland. It is thirth edition of our list. Status of threat to the lichen species used has been determined according to the IUCN Red List Categories in version 3.1 (modified by GlNSBURG 2001). The Red List includes 886 taxa, which constitute 55.4% of the Polish lichen biota. The status of threatened biota has the following categories: Regionally Extinct (RE) - 141 taxa, Critically Endangered (CR) - 179, Endangered (EN) - 201, Vulnerable (VU) - 165, Near Threatened (NT) - 68, Least Concern (LC) - 22 and Data Deficient (DD) 110.


lichens (lichenizedfungi); red list; IUCN Red List Categories in version 3.1; Poland

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