Fitocenozy Spergulo morisonii-Corynephoretum canescentis na Pojezierzu Mazurskim [Phytocoenoses of Spergulo morisonii-Corynephoretum in Mazurian Lakeland]

Barbara Jaśkiewicz


The study contains a characterization of psammophilous grasslands on Mazurian Lakeland. Field research was carried out in 29 localities in which 596 phytosociological relevs were collected. As a consequence of numerical classification according to the TWINSPAN program, the occurrence of association Spergulo-Corynephoretum R. Tx. ex K. Czyżewska 1992 was proved. Within the association the following syntaxa were distinguished: subass. typicum and variants with Hypochoeris radicata, with Artemisia campestris ssp. campestris and typicum, subass. cladinetosum mitis, R. Tx. (1928) 1937 em. K. Czyżewska 1992 and variants typicum and with Polytrichum piliferum, subass. thymetosum serpylli K. Czyżewska 1992 and variants with Cladina mitis and with Festuca ovina, subass. festucetosum ovinae Krausch 1968 and variants typicum and with Agrostis capillaris, subxerothermical form and community with Cytisus scoparius.


psammophilous grasslands; Spergulo morisonii-Corynephoretum canescentis; numerical methods; TWINSPAN; Mazurian Lakeland; NE Poland

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