Roślinność synantropijna Bolimowskiego Parku Krajobrazowego [The synanthropic vegetation of Bolimów Nature Park]

Aurelia U. Warcholińska


This paper present the result of researches on the synanthropic vegetation of the Bolimów Nature Park. In the study area 25 synanthropic associations and 1 community, of the Secalietea, Chenopodietea, Artemisietea and Planlaginetea classes, were identified. Species richness and the structure of communities were stated on the basis of the published material and field observations. Its phytosociological characteristics and conditions of occurrence arę given. Moreover, local habitat variability and distribution as well as causes of threat and possibility of protection of the associations were presented.


synanthropic vegetation; segetal and ruderal communities; Bolimów Nature Park; Central Poland

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