Puszcza Bolimowska – przeszłość i przyszłość [The Bolimów Large Forest – past and future]

Romuald Olaczek


The Bolimów Large Forest, of 85 km2 area, is situated in the center of Poland, between Warsaw and Lodz, in the middle course of Rawka river. It is a rest of a former extent woodland, in which the aurochs Bos primigenius had lived until 1627. The aurochs became extinct in whole Europe in early medieval time. Because of special protection ordered by Polish kings this species had survived in Poland to the begening of XVII century. The life history of the species and its habitat in last 200 years of existing is know well owing to archival documents. But from the XVI to the end of XIX centuries the exploitation of forest resources grew and grew, forest area diminished with action of agriculture and settlement. Only in XX century the trend of change turn back: forest area began grow and tree stands improve. Now the Bolimów Large Forest is protected by law as a Nature Park with 6 reserves inside. It has a very important functions as educational and touristic area.


forest history; habitat of last aurochs; magic influence of large-forest; Central Poland

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