Kształtowanie się flor porostów na podłożach o cechach pionierskich (głazy narzutowe, kora osiki i słomiane strzechy) [Formation of lichen flora on pioneer substrates (erratic blocks, the aspen bark and straw thatches)]

Ludwik Lipnicki


The thesis is based on the research results of the lichen flora formation on the substrates: the surface of erratic blocks, aspen barks and straw thatches. Subjection of the species composition to the changes of conditions of the closest environment (mainly the substrate) was analysed. The relationships between the kind of substrate and its permanence, and some features (e.g. morphological features) of pioneering lichens were examined; the intensification of those features and degrees of species pioneering were also distinguished.


lichen flora formation; pioneer lichens species; kinds of propagula; kinds of thalli; pioneering features; pioneering degree; pioneer substrates; erratic blocks; aspen bark; straw thatches; the Polish Lowland

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