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Bielecki, Krzysztof, University of Agriculture in Wrocław
Bielecki, Krzysztof, Agricultural University of Wrocław
Bijak, Anna, University of Wrocław
Bijok, K., High School of Agriculture in Olsztyn
Bijok , K., University of Gdynia
Bijok, K., Gdańsk University
Bijok, K., University of Gdańsk
Bijok, K., Jagiellonian University
Bilecka, Anastazja, University of Łódź
Bilek, Maciej, Department of Food and Agriculture Production Engineering, Faculty of Biology and Agriculture, University of Rzeszów, Zelwerowicza 4, 35-601 Rzeszów (Poland)
Bilichowski, Ireneusz, Medical University of Łódź
Bimal, R., Wageningen Agricultural University
Biniecki, Stanisław, University of Poznań
Bińka, Krzysztof, University of Warsaw
Birecka, H., Warsaw University of Agriculture
Birecka, H., Polish Academy of Sciences
Birecka, H.
Birecka, H., Warsaw Agricultural University
Birecka, H., Warsaw University of Life Sciences
Birecka, H., Central College of Agriculture in Warsaw
Birecka, H., College of Agriculture in Warsaw
Biriş, Iovu A., Forest Research and Management Institute in Voluntari
Biscotti, Nello, Corso Carmine 84, 71018 Vico del Gargano (Foggia) (Italy)
Bitner, Krzysztof, University of Warsaw
Blaim, K.

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