Notes on the Genus Nervilia (Orchidaceae, Nervilieae) in Bali With New Records

Monika M. Lipińska, Aninda R. U. Wibowo, Hanna B. Margońska


Nervilia is an orchid genus of approximately 80 ephemeral taxa that are widely distributed throughout the subtropical and tropical regions of Africa, Asia, Australia, and Oceania. Scientific information and research materials gathered from Bali are scarce. While trekking around Bali, we encountered a few representatives of this taxon. This led to further investigation of the genus and its occurrence in Bali, which is summarized in this article. New records of N. concolor and N. punctata from Central Bali have enriched previously known sites, and as species that appear ephemeral often go unnoticed this is a valuable contribution to the understanding of the geographic distribution of this genus.


Bali; Indonesia; Nervilia; orchids; phytogeography

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