Distribution of Carex pallidula (Cyperaceae) in Europe

Jacob Koopman, Helena Więcław, Marcin Wilhelm


Carex pallidula is a European species which is often overlooked because it is similar in appearance to C. digitata. So far, this species has been recorded from ten European countries. During herbarium studies in 2014 and 2015, the occurrence of C. pallidula was confirmed for another six European countries (Albania, Austria, Greece, Romania, Serbia, and Switzerland), providing a new insight into its distribution. A list of new localities of C. pallidula and a distribution map for Europe are provided. A key for determining some taxa within the section Clandestinae is presented. Finnish material of the supposed hybrid of C. digitata and C. pallidula is considered to be young specimens of C. digitata.


Carex digitata; Clandestinae; Digitatae; new localities

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