Unclear origin of the new locality of Chamaecytisus albus Rothm. (Hacq.) in Poland: a case of study

Alojzy Przemyski, Bartosz Piwowarski


Chamaecytisus albus (Hacq.) Rothm. is an extremely rare species, which is inserted in many European red lists and red books. Its continuous range covers the south-eastern part of Europe. That species grows in intensely insolated and calcareous habitats of xerothermic grasslands. Only one station of White Broom had been known in the valley of the Bug river, near Hrubieszów, but in 2007 a new one was discovered near Jędrzejów. That station is located the farthest in the north and the west in Europe and it is completely detached from the continuous range.


Chamecytisus albus; new station; Jedrzejów; xerothermic grassland

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