Regeneration of oat androgenic plants in relation to induction media and culture conditions of embryo-like structures

Aleksandra Ponitka, Aurelia Ślusarkiewicz-Jarzina


The effect of C17 and W14 induction media on the formation of embryo-like structures (ELS) from F3 generation of nine hexaploid oat hybrids was investigated in the study. In all genotypes, the highest number of ELS (0.6 - 12.1/100 anthers) was obtained on C17 medium. The efficiency of plant regeneration on medium 190-2 was tested, in relation to different ELS culture conditions. The highest rate of green plants per 100 ELS (3.3 - 42.4) was produced by incubation at 22oC in the dark for the first two weeks. Among 36 green regenerants, 28 (77.8%) were haploid and 8 (22.2%) were spontaneous doubled haploids, fully fertile. After colchicine treatment of haploid plants, 19 were partially fertile and set from 1 to 15 seed per panicle.


anther culture; Avena sativa; culture conditions; doubled haploids; embryo-like structures; haploid plants

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