Variation of phenolic acids from herb and roots of Salsola kali L.

Krystyna Skalicka-Woźniak, Anna Sokołowska-Krzaczek, Katarzyna Czubkowska


Qualitative and quantitative analysis of phenolic acids present as free and liberated from their conjunction with sugars and alcohols after hydrolysis in Salsola kali L was done, together with comparison of their content in roots and herb. Analysis was conducted by 2D-TLC and HPLC methods. Eleven phenolic acids were identified such as: protocatechuic, caffeic, gentisic, p-coumaric, p-hydroxybenzoic, p-hydroxyphenylacetic, syryngic, vanillic, ferulic, α- and ß-resorcylic. Differences in composition of fraction of free phenolic acids and those liberated after hydrolysis were noticed. The amount of individual compounds were in the range between 0.10±0.04 mg/100 g of dry weight for p-OH-benzoic acid and 6.40±1.75 mg/100 g of dry weight for ferulic acid.


Salsola kali L.; phenolic acids; Chenopodiaceae; TLC; HPLC

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