Arbutin in Serratula quinquefolia M.B. (Asteraceae)

Gerard Nowak, Joanna Nawrot, Karol Latowski


Genus Serratula is known for the presence of steroid compounds which belong to the group of ecdysones. Former phytochemical works from the late sixties and early seventies indicate, in some Serratula species, the occurrence of a phenolic glycoside-arbutin. This has been confirmed in the present work through finding an α,β-arbutin anomer in Serratula quinquefolia M.B. New botanical data concerning the classification of genus Serratula suggest that the species in question should be regarded as belonging to genus Klasea (currently a section of genus Serratula). There has been an attempt to find a key to the chemical division within the taxons.


arbutin; Serratula; Klasea; Centaureinae; Asteraceae; ecdysones; chemotaxonomy

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