Taxonomy and distribution of Macrosciadium alatum (Bieb.) V. Tichomirov and Lavrova (Apiaceae): A new alien species in the flora of Europe

Marcin Nobis, Agnieszka Nobis, Maciej Kozak


The paper presents the taxonomical position and the description of the characteristic features of Macrosciadium alatum (=Ligusticum alatum). The species was recorded in the Western Bieszczady Mts (the northern part of the Carpathians) in July 2007 and is new to the flora of Europe. Its natural range comprises mainly the Caucasus region and the origin of M. alatum in south-east Poland is quite puzzling. The species has most likely been deliberatelly brought into the area. M. alatum spreads quite intensively. It penetrates semi-natural vegetation systems and seems to be expansive.


Macrosciadium alatum; distribution; taxonomy; kenophyte; Carpathians; Europe

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