Derivation of the formula for the filtration coefficient by application of Poiseuille's law in membrane transport

Maria Jarzyńska, Mariusz Pietruszka


On the basis of Kedem-Katchalsky equations a mathematical analysis of volume flow (Jv) of a binary solution through a membrane (M) is presented. Two cases of transport generators have been considered: hydrostatic (Δp) as well as osmotic (Δπ) pressure difference. Based on the Poiseuille's law we derive the formula for the membrane filtration coefficient (Lp) which takes into account the membrane properties, kinetic viscosity and density of a solution flowing across the membrane. With use of this formula we have made model calculations of the filtration coefficient Lp and volume flow Jv for a polymer membrane in the case when the solutions on both sides of the membrane are mixed.


filtration coefficient; viscosity coefficient; Poiseuille's law

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