Pollen morphology of Plantago species native to Poland and their taxonomic implications

Małgorzata Klimko, Krystyna Idzikowska, Mariola Truchan, Anna Kreft


Pollen grains of 9 species of the genus Plantago (Plantaginaceae), including 8 taxa native to Poland, were observed under a light microscope and a scanning electron microscope. Descriptions of grain sculpture are illustrated only SEM micrographs. The studied pollen grains were medium-sized or small, spherical or prolate spheroidal. Their sculpture was always verrucate with granulation. In the studied taxa, internal apertures had the form of pores. Their number ranged from (4)5-9(14). The pores were scattered on the surface of pollen grains. Identification features of individual taxa include: presence or absence of an annulus around each pore, annulus structure, ornamentation of the pollen grain and operculum, type of aperture membrane, number of internal pores, and pore diameter. We suggest that two new pollen grain types, characteristic of P. intermedia and P. arenaria, should be distinguished, and that P. alpina should be assigned to the P. coronopus type.


Plantaginaceae; Plantago; pollen morphology; SEM

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