SEM and stereoscope microscope observations on the seeds of the Polish species of the genus Sorbus L. (Rosaceae)

Irmina Maciejewska-Rutkowska, Leszek Bednorz


This paper presents the results of the study on seed morphology of five Polish species of the genus Sorbus L. (S. aria (L.) Crantz, S. aucuparia L. Emend. Hedl., S. chamaemespilus (L.) Crantz, S. intermedia (Ehrh.) Pers. and S. torminalis (L.) Crantz). Observations and measurements were carried out with stereoscope and scanning microscopes. Four types of seed microsculpture were distinguished on the ground of SEM observations. The key to determine Polish species, based on morphological characters of seeds is given too.


Sorbus; seed morphology; SEM; stereoscope microscope

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