Coleanthus subtilis (Tratt.) Seidel - a new species to the Polish vascular flora

Jerzy Fabiszewski, Jan Cebrat


The authors describe the locality of a so far in Poland unknown species Coleanthus subtilis. It was discovered on the Oleśnica Plateau near Wroclaw. This grass occurs on a surface of ca. 15 ha, round muddy shores of fishponds. The large stand makes the impression to be at least 50-year old. Together with the grass of our interest there grow also other, not frequent to day, species like Veronica peregrina, Myosurus minimus and Limosella aquatica. The traditional management of fishponds makes the basis of maintenance of all the species and the whole community. The constant filling with water of the reservoirs and application of fertilisers threatens the existence of the whole rare and interesting ecosystem.


Coleanthus subtilis; Veronica peregrina; threatened annuals; protection of therophytes

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