Chromatographical analysis of phenolic acids in some species of Polygonum L. genus. Quantitative determination of the major components by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)

Helena Danuta Smolarz


Nine major phenolic acids (protocatechuic, gentisic, p-hydroxybenzoic, vanillic, caffeic, syringic, p-coumaric, ferulic, synapic) were investigated in 9 species of the genus Polygonum L. The total amount of these compounds equated 65.8 µg/g of dry herb in Polygonum persicaria L., 61.2 µg in P. convolvulus L., 59.1 µg in P. lapathifolium ssp. nodosum (Pers.) Dans, 53.3 µg in P. bistorta L., 42.1 µg in P. mite Schrank, 38.2 µg in P. lapathifolium ssp. tomentosum (Schrank) Dans, 37 µg in P. anrphibium L., 33.2 µg in P. hydropiper L., 31.1 µg in P. aviculare L., and 14,1 µg in rhizome P. bistorta L. Among the analysed phenolic acids, synapic acid (28.6 µg/g) in P. persicaria L., protocatechuic acid (34 µg/g) in P. lapathifolium ssp. nodosum (Pers) Dans, and ferulic acid (21 µg/g) in P. bistorta L., were dominating.


PoIygonum; phenolic acids; HPLC

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