Landscape and vegetation study as a backgroud for complex nature protection proposal in the upper Płonia R. valley (Western Pomerania)

Wanda Bacieczko, Lesław Wołejko


The differentiation of vegetation and flora of the upper Płonia R. valley in Western Pomerania was discussed in relation to distribution of components of natural environment. Causes of landscape transformation and direct types of human impact on vegetation were analysed. The obtained results have shown trends in the transformation of the valley's landscape, which can be summarised as a continuous change from anthropogenic agricultural landscape to a more natural one. It was concluded, that uncontrolled continuation of the recorded processes will lead, among others, to the decrease in biodiversity. For that reason a proposal for integrated landscape and nature management has been elaborated. It combines classical methods of protection (establishment of protected areas) with administrative and managerial measures, such as active management of biotopes outside the reserves and co-operation with non-profit organisations, in achieving protection goals at the scale of the whole landscape.


agricultural landscape; brook valley; human impact; vegetation; flora; nature management

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