Pollen morphology of the Polish species of the family Caprifoliaceae. Part 1

Irmina Maciejewska


This paper contains results of studies on pollen morphology of 5 Polish species of the family Caprifoliaceae (genera Sambucus and Viburnum). The pollen has been examined with LM and SEM. Besides detailed descriptions, series of microphotographs are presented. All examined species have small to medium-sized grains, with prolate polar axis, reticulate ornamentation (at least in mesocolpia), relatively long ectoapertures and with often visible equatorial bridges. Extent of fusion of capita in muri allows to divide observed pollen grains into 2 subtypes: one for examined Sambucus species and for V. opulus, the second for V. lantana.


Caprifoliaceae; Sambucus; Viburnum; pollen morphology; SEM; LM

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