Variability of Pinus mugo Turra clones from Ostry Wierch peat bog

Alina Bączkiewicz, Wiesław Prus-Głowacki


Present study aimed at determining genetic structure of the Pinus mugo Turra population, growing at a peat bog, on Ostry Wierch slopes in the High Tatra mountains, in respect to the number of genotypes present in the population, and at defining variabilities of morphological and anatomical traits. In the examined plants, isoenzymatic analysis demonstrated existence of only two genotypes (A and B), which formed relatively vast clones. Mathematical-statistical analysis of 13 anatomical - morphological traits of the needles proved that the examined clump consisted of two clearly distinguishable groups, corresponding to the two earlier electrophoretically identified clones A and B. The obtained data allowed to conclude that the method based on anatomical-morphological measurements may, at least in some cases, permit identification of Pinus mugo clones


Pinus mugo; morphology; clones; isoenzymes; variability; genotypic structure

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