Ontogeny of trichomes in taxa of the genus Plantago subg. Psyllium (Plantaginaceae)

Emilia Andrzejewska-Golec


This paper is a continuation of the investigation of hair ontogeny in taxa of the Plantaginaceae family. The previous publication dealt with the development of hairs in representatives of the subgenus Plantago. The present paper concerns the investgation of 5 species of the subgenus Psyllium: Plantago squarrosa, P. arenaria, P. afra, P. webbii and P. arborescens. The development of three types of headed hairs and one type of headless hair has been studied. The hypotetic phylogeny of the hairs of the genus Plantago is presented.


Plantaginaceae; Plantago subg. Psyllium; hair ontogeny

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