Alginic acid and hyaluronic acid, effective stabilizers of carthamin red colour in aqueous solutions

Koshi Saito, Kei-Ichi Miyamato


Sodium salts and free forms of two heterosaccharides, alginic and hyaluronic acids were mixed with carthamin in a buffer at pH 5.5 and their preservation effects of carthamin red colour were screened after incubation for 24 h at 3-5oC in the dark. The effects observed were (alginic acid/hyaluronic acid, % on average): 69.3/60.3, for which the values are higher by 40.9 and 29.1%, respectively, compared with those of the control which was conducted with no addition of heterosaccharides. Alginic acid is a more promising stabilizer than haluronic acid, indicating that active groups such as hydroxyls, carboxyls and amino groups on the building units of the macromolecules are associated closely with the carthamin red colour preservation. The empirical outcomes are referred to the practical application of carthamin as a colourant of food products.


carthamin preservation; alginic acid; hyaluronic acid; food colourant

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