Influence of GA3 and NAA on certain carbohydrate fractions in corms of saffron crocus (Crocus sativus L.) during development

Nikhil K. Chrungoo, Sikander Farooq


Application of gibberellic acid (GA3) and napthaleneacetic acid (NAA) to corms of saffron crocus (Crocus sativus L.) markedly influenced degradation of reserve carbohydrates in the corm tissues. GA3 stimulated the breakdown of starch and promoted the accumulation of soluble sugars, especially sucrose. Although NAA treatment stimulated starch breakdown for the first 14 days after the treatment, the effect was less pronounced as compared to that of GA3. NAA treatment promoted the accumulation of reducing sugars but suppressed accumulation of non reducing sugars in the corm tissues. Corms treated with GA3 showed an increased accumulation of total pentoses and total ketoses. In NAA treated corms, accumulation of total pentoses was stimulated but that of total ketoses was suppressed. The effects of GA3 and NAA on carbohydrate changes in the corm tissues are discussed in the light of their effects on bud development.


GA3; NAA; carbohydrates; Crocus; corm development

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