Regenerative properties of Saintpaulia ionantha Wendl. Leaves cultured in vitro

K. Kukułczanka, G. Suszyńska


The regenerative properties of Saintpaulia ionantha leaves ware investigated in culture in vitro. The leaves acquire this ability after the end of growth. Restitution regeneration was found to be polar and the sequence in organogenesis of roots and buds was different than on a peat-sand substratum. NAA inhibits growth of isolated leaves and stimulates callus and root development. Kinetin abolishes the polarity of regeneration, stimulates leaf growth, initiates formation of numerous buds and inhibits rhizogenesis. The interaction of kinetin with NAA or IAA in dependence on the order in which these substances are applied stimulates in various extents the growth of isolated leaves and callus, and bud and root formation.

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