Fractionation of phosphorus compounds in tumor and callus tissues of Nicotiana tabacum

K. Baranowska, L. Kłyszejko-Stefanowicz, W. Maciejewska-Potapczyk


Phosphorus campounds in 2-, 4-, S- and 8-week old cultures of tumour and callus tissues of Nicotiana tabacum were fractionated by the method of Schmidt and Thannhauser (1945) modified toy Niemierko (1953). Much higher contents of P fractions were found in tumours as compared with callus tissues DNA content in tumour tissue increased during 8 weeks. The contents of the acid-soluble P fraction and RNA + pbosphoprotein fraction increase until 6 -weeks, then it decreases. Callus tissue however shows a decreased nucleic acids P fraction after 4 weeks. The remaining fractions of this tissue increase slightly in this period but they decrease after 6 and 8 weeks.

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