Productivity of photosynthesis in Scots pine (Pinus silvestris L.) seedlings grown from seed irradiated by X-rays)

W. Żelawski, E. Nalborczyk


Dry matter accumulation, growth, photosynthesis and respiration were investigated in seedlings grown in water culture from seed irradiated with various doses of X-rays. The stimulating effect of X-ray treatment appeared in formation of assimilatory organs and in accumulation of dry matter in various parts of a plant. Changes in photosynthesis and respiration activity seem to be rather secondary effects of growth stimulation or inhibition. Changes in growth, dry matter accumulation, photosynthesis and respiration of plants grown from seed irradiated by X-rays are investigated in the aspects of the influence of ionizing radiation on physiological processes in plants. On the other hand, seedlings grown from seed after X-ray treatment seemed to be an interesting object for studying photosynthetic productivity since stimulatory and inhibitory effects are obtainable here on plant material differentiated by the influence of only one factor i.e. various doses of radiation.

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