A comparison between the effect of gibberellin and 2-chloroethyl trimethylammonium chloride (CCC) on some biochemical processes in bean plants. IV. Effect on the content of the inhibitor of absicisic acid properties

M. Michniewicz , E. Galoch


In shoots and in roots of bean seedlings the inhibitor of ABA-like properties was stated. Its level in shoots was increased by CCC and decreased in roots by GA3 treatment. Both -substances had neither synergistic nor antagonistic or additive effects on the level of LABA-like inhibitor. The effect of GA3 and CCC on the level of inhibitor was independent of the infuence of these substances on the growth processes. It has been concluded that the mode of action of GA and CCC in processes regulating the level of abscisic acid in plants is different for each of these substances.

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