In vitro mass propagation of Salvia canariensis by axillary shoots

Sebastiana Mederos Molina, J. M. Amaro Luis, Javier G. Luis


During the establishment of shoots of Salvia canariensis L., five environmental factor treatments were applied. For each axillary node two shoots grew well when explants were incubated at continued ligth for 15 days followed by 16 hrs photoperiod by 30 days. Shoots multiplication was improved on a modified Murashige and Skoog (MS) (1962) medium - MS + 825 mg/l NH4NO3 - supplemented with 10-7 M BA and 10-7 M NAA. The shoots produced well developed root systems within three weeks after transfer to the same culture medium supplemented with 5x 10-7 M NAA.


axillary shoots; micropropagation; medicinal plant; Salvia canariensis L.

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