Morphologlcal and anatomical structure of generative organs of Salsola kali ssp. ruthenica (lljin) Soó at the SEM level

Krystyna Idzikowska


The morphology and anatomy of generative organs of Salsola kali ssp. ruthenica was examined in detail using the light (LM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The whole flowers, fruits and their parts (pistil, stamens, sepals, embryo, seed) were observed in different developmental stages. In the first stage (June), flower buds were closed. In the second stage (August), flowers were ready for pollination/fertilization. In the third stage (September), fruits were mature. Additionally, the anatomical and morphological structure of sepals was observed by means of LM and SEM. Thanks to the transverse and longitudinal semi-sections through sepals, the first phase of wing formation was recorded by SEM. The appearance of stomata in the epidermal cells of sepals above the forming wings was very interesting, too. The stomata were observed also in mature fruits.


Chenopodiaceae; Salsola kali ssp. ruthenica; flower; parts of flower; sepals; fruit; semi-sections; SEM

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