Tamarix duezenlii (Tamaricaceae) - a species new to science from southern Turkey

Halil Çakan, Jerzy Zieliński


Tamarix duezenlii, belonging to Tamarix L. ser. Leptostachyae (Bunge) Baum, is described as a species new to science. It is related to T. hispida Willd. and T. arborea (Sieber ex Ehrenb.) Bunge. From the former species it differs by its dense inflorescences, white petals and paralophic disc; from the latter by a shrubby habit, elliptic petals and calyx abruptly narrowed at the base. The species occurs in saline areas of the Cukurova Deltas at the mouths of the Seyhan and Ceyhan rivers in southern Turkey.


East-Mediterranean region; southern Turkey; Çukurova Deltas; Tamarix duezenlii; Tamaricaceae; new species

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