Badania mieszańców w rodzaju Trifolium L. IV. Cytogenetyka mieszańca Trifolium repens L. × T. isthomocarpum Brot. [Investigations on hybrids of the genus Trifolium L. P. IV. Cytogenetics of the cross T. repens L. × T. isthomocarpum Brot.]

T. Kazimierski, E. M. Kazimierska


Interspecific F1 hybrid between Trifolium repens (2n = 32) and T. isthomocarpum (2n = 16) was obtained. The hybrid is sterile and its disturbed meiotic divisions are described. It is suggested from cytogenetic evidence that one of the genomes of T. repens is similar to the genome of T. isthomacarpum.

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