Distribution of Vulpia species (Poaceae) in Poland

Ludwik Frey, Beata Paszko, Paweł Kwiatkowski


The distribution of four species of the genus Vulpia [V. myuros (L.) C.C. Gmel., V. bromoides (L.) S.F. Gray, V. ciliata Dumort. and V. geniculata (L.) Link] reported in Poland has been studied. Currently, V. myuros and especially V. bromoides are very rare species, and their greatest concentration can be found only in the Lower Silesia region. The number of their localities decreased after 1950 and it seems resonable to include both species in the "red list" of threatened plants in Poland: V. myuros in the EN category, V. bromoides in the CR category. V. ciliata and V. geniculata are very rare ephemerophytes and their localities not confirmed during ca 60 years are of historical interest only.


Vulpia; distribution; taxonomy; hybrids; Lower Silesia; Poland

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