Studies on soluble carbohydrates in yellow lupin (Lupinus luteus L.) seeds of different age

Kazimierz Zalewski, Lesław B. Lahuta


Yellow lupin seeds cv. Juno were stored under laboratory conditions for 2 month, 4, 6 and 8 years. Eighteen soluble carbohydrates were identified in embryonic axes and cotyledons of different age seeds. The concentration of soluble carbohydrates in analysed seeds ranged from 25 to 34% of dry mass. Axes contained more carbohydrates than cotyledons. Stachyose dominated in axes, and verbascose - in cotyledons. Other detected galactosides were: galactinol, galactosyl pinitols and galactosyl chiro-inositols (fagopyritols), but their content was several-fold lower than that of RFOs (in both axes and cotyledons tissues). The concentration of soluble carbohydrates indicated, that sucrose to RFOs mass ratio, or other changes in sugars composition are not indicators of seed storage.


Lupinus luteus seeds; raffinose; cyclitols; ageing

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