Influence of hydroxyurea on nucleic acids content and 3H-uridine incorporation in callus and tumorous tobacco tissues cultured in vitro

A. Bielecka


In callus and tumor tissues of Nicotiana tabacum cultured for 39 days in media supplemented with various concentrations of hydroxyurea (1.3 x 10-4 M - 1.3 x 10-3 M) a decrease of DNA content (ca. 24 per cent in callus tissue and ca. 23 per cent in tumour tissue) and a decrease of RNA content (over 10 per cent and ca. 9 per cent in callus and tumour tissue, respectively) was observed. The autoradiographic method showed that a long-lasting action of this com-pound inhibits RNA synthesis. A stronger inhibitory influence of hydroxyurea upon incorporation of 3H-uridine from the incubation medium was revealed.

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