Root constituents of Lactuca sibirica and a comparison of metabolite profiles of L. sibirica and L. tatarica

Wanda Kisiel, Klaudia Michalska


Nine known sesquiterpene lactones, including four lactucin-type guaianolides, four costuslactone-type guaianolides and one germacranolide, were isolated from roots of Lactuca sibirica (Asteraceae), six of which were glycoside derivatives. The chemosystematic significance of the compounds is discussed in the context of sesquiterpenoids present in roots of the closely related species Lactuca tatarica. A comparison of sesquiterpene lactone profiles indicate that the species can be differentiated on the basis of their germacranolide glycoside compositions.


Lactuca sibirica; L. tatarica; Asteraceae; sesquiterpene lactones; chemotaxonomy

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