Development of antheridial filaments of Chara vulgaris L. in isolated antheridia in vitro

Hanna Kuran, Kazimierz Marciniak


The study was undertaken to establish the conditions of culture in vitro of Chara vulgaris L. antheridium isolated from the mother plant and to ascertain the regularities in the development of the antheridial filaments under these conditions. The culture of isolated antheridia was run for 5 days on Forsberg medium. The antheridial filaments were found to preserve their full viability evaluated in terms of 3H-phenylalanine incorporation With simultaneous depression of mitotic activity. Under these conditions a considerable part of the filaments pass through at least three division cycles. In vitro culture of isolated antheridia causes the greater shortening of the cell length the longer the antheridia are kept Isolated from the thallus.

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