Acid phosphatase from stored Poa pratensis caryopses and its ability for binding to lectins

Irena Lorenc-Kubis, Bronisława Morawiecka


The effect of the storage period of Poa pratensis caryopses on acid phosphatase activity and on the ability of this enzyme to interact with lectins has been studied. It has been shown that after ten years of caryopses storage, the activity of acid phosphatase decreased about 50 per cent, while the content of proteins and carbohydrates did not change. The decrease of enzyme activity during the long period of storage was found only in seeds, but not in chaffs. Acid phosphatase was isolated from caryopses stored one, two, three, five and ten years. The enzyme showed the ability to bind to immoblized as well as to free conA during the whole period of storage, hut did not react with Wheat Germen Agglutinin (WGA). The activation of acid phosphatase by binding to conA decreased with the length of storage period.


Acid phosphatase; lectins; stored caryopses; Poa pratensis

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