Moderately inhibitory effects of N-dodecyloxymethylene-N-methylpiperidinium and N-dodecyloxymethylene-N-methylmorpholinium chlorides on seed germination

Stanisław J. Knypl, Małgorzata Oświęcimska


N-Dodecyloxymethylene-N-methylpiperidinium chloride (DMMP) and N-dodecyloxyme-thylene-N-methylmorpholinium chloride (DMMM) retarded germination of seeds of 9 cultivated plant species when applied at a concentration of 10-3 M, and inhibited germination at a concentration of 10-2 M. The exceptions were represented by Lepidium sativum L. and Linum usitatissimum L. seeds which germinated well even in 10-2 M solutions of either DMMP or DMMM.


N-dodecyloxymethylene-N-methylpiperidinium chloride; N-dodecyloxymethylene-N-melhylmorpholinium chloride; seed germination; monocotyledons; dicotyledons

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