Interference of Cd2+ in functioning of the photosynthetic apparatus of higher plants

Tadeusz Baszyński


The actual opinions concerning the role of Cd2+ in inhibition of photosynthesis have been reviewed. The light phase of photosynthesis, particularly the site of Cd2+ action in the photosynthetic transport chain has been given the greatest attention. Cd2+-induced inhibition of Photosystem II activity as the result of thylakoid membrane degradation has been discussed. The present studies on Cd2+-inhibited dark reactions occurring in stroma has been analysed. Attention has been drawn to the fact that the results of studies in vitro are not always compatible with the changes found in the photosynthetic apparatus of higher plants growing in a Cd2 containing medium.


acyl lipids; cadmium; photosynthesis; photosynthetic electron transport; photo-system I; photosystem II; thylakoid membrane

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