Sesquiterpene lactones. XXXIII. Guaianolides in the subgenus Psephellus (Cass.) Schmalh., genus Centaurea L.

Gerard Nowak, Bohdan Drożdż, Miroslav Holub, Agnieszka Łagodzińska


Sesquiterpene lactones were found to occur in all of the studied species of the subgenus Psephellus (Cass.) Schmalh. Differing compositions were found in the representatives of three sections. In Centaurea declinata MB. from the section Leucophylle (Sosn.) Sosn.. 15-deoxyrepin, linichlorin B and cynaropicrin were found. Linichlorin B dominated in Centaurea hypoleucu DC. from section Hypoleucae (Sosn.) Sosn., while in the species classified in section Psephellus Sosn., repin, acroptilin, jenerin, centaurepensin and, in some, also cynaropicrin. dominated.


Psephellus; Centaurea; sesquiterpene lactones; Compositae; chemotaxonomy

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