Production and germination of Tussilago farfara (L.) diaspores

Anna Namur-Ochocka


In the paper the production of generative diaspores in Tussilago farfara (L.) was assessed in four different ecological systems. Also their morphological characteristics, as well as their germinability under natural and laboratory conditions were analysed, depending upon the age, density and size of diaspores, as well as sowing depth, substrate type and light conditions. The studies showed that diaspores: 1) were highly germinable under laboratory conditions; 2) did not germinate effectively under natural conditions; 31 were short-lived; 4) were tolerant to unfavourable habitat agents. Tussilago farfara was determined to exhibit high diaspore production only under conditions of suppresed interspecific competition.


Tussilago farfara; diaspore production; achene shape and size; seed germina-bility; diaspore longevity

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