Micropropagation of Plantago asiatica L. through culture of shoot-tips

Joanna Makowczyńska, Emilia Andrzejewska-Golec


Shoot-tip multiplication of the medicinal species - Plantago asiatica was carried on MS medium with IAA and BAP or kinetin. Best results in micropropagation were achieved by adding 0.1 mg/dm3 IAA and 1 mg/dm3 BAP. After 6 weeks shoots were transferred to MS medium for rooting. The resulting plantlets were transferred after 8 weeks into pots and after a period of adaptation into the ground (field culture).

The species Plantago asiatica was propagated in vitro by shoot-tip multiplication for the first time.


Plantago asiatica; in vitro propagation; shoot-tip culture

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