Mineral content in Sphagnum mosses from ombrotrophic bogs of southwestern Poland: pattern in species and elements

Bronisław Wojtuń


Major elements (N, P, K, Ca, Mg, Na, Fe) were analyzed in 11 Sphagnum species from ombrotrophic bogs in southwestern Poland. The material included species from wet to dry microsites. The highest levels of elements were recorded for S. lindbergii, whereas S. balticum and S. cuspidatum were poorest in elements. The microhabitat gradient from hummock to hollow species is clearly reflected by decreasing concentrations of Ca and Mg, and increasing concentration of Na. Phosphorus, K and N were much more enriched into moss tissues than the remaining elements. These three nutrients were also accumulated in the upper green parts of mosses, while the concentrations of Na and Fe were higher in the bottom brown parts. There were no differences in Ca and Mg between the green and brown segments.


major elements; Sphagnum mosses; ombrotrophic bogs; southwestern Poland

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