DNA endoreplication level in endosperm during seed development in three monocotyledonous species

Kazimierz Marciniak


The DNA content after the Feulgen reaction in the endosperm of three monocotyledonous plant species (Asparagus officinalis, Muscari comosom, Haemanthus kurharinae) differing in their 2C DNA content, was cytophotometrically measured. During endosperm development 1-6 endoreplication cycles take place, depending on the species. Differences in nuclear DNA endoreplication dynamics in the tested species are similar to those occurring in root parenchyma, but the endoreplication level in the endosperm is higher.


DNA content; endosperm; monocotyledons; Asparagus officinalis; Muscari comosum; Haemanthus katharinae

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