Variability characteristics and comparison of Carex arenaria L. and Carex ligerica Gay populations based on rhizome characters

Lech Urbaniak


The studies included 9 populations of Carex arenaria L. and 7 populations of Carex ligerica Gay, compared with each other on grounds of variability analysis, related to rhizome characters. The sedges reach in the area of Poland their eastern range limits, with isolated populations spread along the range margins. The studied plants were placed in a greenhouse in homogenous conditions,which made possible an analysis of genetic variability in the populations. The obtained results point to the absence of gene flow between the studied species and, thus, to their clearly distinct character. Genetic drift was postulated as one of the causes of the obtained variability pattern.


Carex arenaria; Carex ligerica; variation; populations; genetic drift; rhizome characters

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