The lichen family Parmeliaceae in Poland. I. The genus Parmotrema

Agnieszka Jabłońska, Magdalena Oset, Marta Kukwa


The paper presents the results of study on four Parmotrema species in Poland, P. arnoldii, P. crinitum, P. perlatum and P. stuppeum. They are mainly known from southern part of the country, mostly in the Carpathians. P. perlatum is reported also from Northern Poland and Central Poland. For P. stuppeum, so far known from single locality only, three new sites are reported. All the species seem to be rare and endangered in Poland. This work is the first part of a larger series which will present data on selected genera of the lichen family Parmeliaceae in Poland.


Parmotrema; Parmeliaceae; chemotaxonomy; foliose lichens

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