First records of Lecanora semipallida (lichenized fungi) from Romania

Lucyna Śliwa


Lecanora semipallida is a saxicolous member of L. dispersa-group. The first localities of the species in Romania come from Southern Carpathians (Bucegi Mts.) and Eastern Carpathians (Rodnei Mts.). L. semipallida is supposed to be a common lichen species in Europe. Aspecies of similar appearance is L. dispersa s.str. Akey character distinguishing L. semipallida is the presence of epithecial granules that are soluble in KOH. The presence of vinetorin, often causing yellowish colour of apothecia and resulting in positive spot tests and UV reactions of the apothecial disc, is also diagnostic. Apart from Romania, the species is also reported from Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Slovakia, and Ukraine.


Lecanora dispersa-group; lichen distribution; Central Europe; Balkan Peninsula

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